Weather information is now also available through TOLL FREE No. 1800 220 161

Forecasting Unit

Local weather forecast of Gangtok and neighborhood is issued once daily at 1300 hrs IST and passed on to AIR Gangtok, Doordarshan Gangtok and Regional Meteorological Center, Kolkata. Forecast is also available in the IVRS readily accessible to the public and other end users on a toll free number.

AAS Unit
Bi-weekly Composite Agromet Advisory Bulletins (AAB) for Sikkim (in English & Nepali version) are issued on Tuesdays and Fridays in collaboration with Department of Food Security & Agricultural Development, Department of Horticulture & Cash Crop Development Govt. of Sikkim, Gangtok and Spices Board Govt. of India Gangtok, which is broadcast by AIR Gangtok in the evening in the local Nepali programme for the benefit of end users, especially progressive farmers of Sikkim and are also telecast by Doordarshan Kendra Gangtok. The bulletins are mailed to SAMC Kolkata and NAASC Pune for onward preparation of National Composite Agromet Advisory Bulletin for the country.

Inspectorate Unit
Looks after the scrutiny of weather data of four Part-Time Observatories viz: Mazitar (East Sikkim), Mangan (North Sikkim), Namthang (South Sikkim) and Gyalshing (West Sikkim) and also that of M.O. Tadong. It undertakes annual inspection/installation tours of the above part time observatories on regular basis. It also supplies Meteorological data of Sikkim to State/Central Govt. Departments & undertakings, public sector and private sector enterprises and to other end users.

Technical unit
It undertakes receipt & transmission of various Meteorological data through HSDT and VSAT and also downloads Satellite Cloud Pictures and other Weather Charts from Digital MDD system from the SDUC station for onward analysis for issue of Daily Local Weather Forecast.